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Argh. There's so much drama at work because I have to quit. I was basically accused of wasting the company's money. YES OF COURSE! They uncovered my evil plot! I sat at home, wondering just how I could get back at Buy More, despite not actually being a regular customer. SO I HATCHED A PLAN. I decided to apply and then only stay for two weeks if hired. MUAHAHAHA. That way they had to pay a trainee who didn't do shit. (Oh wait, how many computers did I sell? How many service plans on those computers did I sell?)

What the hell. I know I'm not exactly being helpful by quitting, but come on. I'm not making this shit up. The manager got in my face about it and yelled at me about wasting the company's money, like I'm some communist bastard trying to single handly take down this capitalist corporation. I was tempted to say you know what, you're right, I'm an asshole. MY APOLOGIES FOR WASTING THE MONEY OF A MULTI MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY.

Fuck that. If I lose my scholarship (which is the source of the quitting--they promised to work with my school schedule and basically have done nothing to do so) I would have wasted $44k and would have to drop out. FUCK THAT. I've "wasted" maybe $400 of their money. $44k out of the pocket of one person vs $400 out of a corporation's pocket. HM. I WONDER WHICH IS MORE COSTLY.

So basically, I put my two weeks in on Tuesday, but I'm telling them Saturday is my last day. I really don't care what happens, because school is my biggest priority right now, and they've failed to understand that, despite promising to. I've barely had enough time to work on my work as it is, and it's only the second week.

LONG STORY SHORT: Don't work for the big blue box unless you want to be screwed up the ass, out your ears.

Honestly, all I want to do with my life right now is be a drummer. GOD DAMN YOU 98 ROCK FOR ACTUALLY PLAYING DECENT ROCK INSTEAD OF THAT PUSSY EMO SHIT.
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